Account Receivable (A/R) Management

Troubling keeping your Accounts Receivable (A/R) days under control? No worries. We are here to help you. With ICD-10, the potential for the number of disavowals is sure to go up in case you are not ready. It is basic to progress to approach an enormous pool of qualified assets that work in any Practice Management System and see how to rapidly and accurately dissect account history, bid denied guarantees, and get an opportune turnaround to recuperate on and close A/R. Experts who pattern dissents and search for examples of inadequacy will build income and lessen maturing A/R.


Virtual Oplossing A/R Solutions can bring down inner expenses, increment assortments, and further develop your income. We have some expertise in upgrading the monetary exhibition of our customers via flawlessly supporting Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and related cycles. As an accomplice to our customers, Virtual Oplossing Healthcare fills in as a direct RCM expansion to Hospitals and Physician Practices by utilizing medical care skills, innovation, and qualified assets.


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Virtual Oplossing Healthcare gives admittance to an adaptable and huge pool of assets experienced in various Practice Management Systems to build your assortments proportion. Our complex A/R work process apparatus flawlessly performs expertise-based steering. It additionally creates altered clever reports that help rapidly distinguish and resolve neglected records. Our gifted staff is prepared to recognize patient records that require follow-up and make the vital move to gather neglected/came up short on claims.


Try not to leave cash on the table. Up to 70% of your denied cases can be recuperated. The Virtual Oplossing A/R group can see your denied claims are recuperated. We are known for the elite in the accompanying:


Clearinghouse Rejections

  • We resolve the rejections within 48 hours.

No response follow up

  • We perform status checks on higher dollar balances and identify issues proactively to reduce aging and maintain an untouched ratio of under 3% of the overall inventory.

Denial Management

  • We try to address all denials within 5 days.


  •  Identify trends by CPT codes, insurance, and denial type implement process improvement initiatives to increase the clean claim ratio.