Physician Billing Services

If you only think from a care perspective, being a healthcare provider has many challenges. These challenges come across every medical billing company in the USA. The most important challenge is to have a consistent and continuous flow of revenue. We already know it is difficult to run a practice successfully without an optimum cash flow.


 Physician billing service includes several tasks such as insurance eligibility verification, medical coding, credentialing, and payment posting etc. It is very important that each one of these components work at its best. US healthcare billing companies know that medical billing has to meet USA healthcare standards. However, these standards undergo changes/updates from time to time. In the medical billing industry, this adaptation is key to achieving a consistent flow of revenue.

If providers are not getting the reimbursement on time from insurance companies due to any reason or inefficiency, it leads to a loss, which is preventable. The best way out is to outsource the billing services to a specialized service provider. This can help a health practice to concentrate on its tasks of providing care without worrying about revenue flow. 


 Physician billing and hospital billing are two main types of medical billing. Although they sound similar, there is an important difference between the two types of medical billing services.

The basic difference between physician billing and hospital billing is using different types of forms. Physician billing uses the CMS1500 form for filing claims, whereas hospital billing procedures require using the UB-04 form.

A perfect choice as a medical & physician billing company in USA

Our team at Vo Healthcare specializes in physician billing and has been doing it for many years.  If you are looking for the best physician billing Services in India with the best professionals, you can trust Virtual Healthcare. Apart from the competent physician billing solutions , we also deal in emergency physicians billing services

The physician billing services we offer are designed to meet all of your practice’s billing requirements. But we don’t stop there! We update our procedures regularly so that we can maximize revenue reimbursements and reduce collection costs. Our goal is to enhance your practice’s revenue and partner with you in your growth irrespective of the size of your practice.

Some of the features of our physician billing services

We help you submit and track claims to ensure timely & fast payment.
Payments and EOB verification for the correct settlement of the patient's account.
Vo Healthcare work towards making payments collection faster & always on track. Continuously monitor changes related to insurance guidelines.
Clean claims result from scrubbing them in advance using modern techniques and analysis.
Effective follow-up and appeal submission to ensure there should be no gaps.
Hassle-free, user-friendly, simplistic and easy-to-implement web-based application and software for physician billing.
Hassle-free, user-friendly, simplistic and easy-to-implement web-based application and software for physician billing.
Provides in-depth visibility and analysis of your performance and trends in your practice. Also, you have real-time, 24/7 access to customizable reports.
Reviewing Insurance payer guidelines and updates regularly to focus on opportunities for improvement in billing.
Most of the US healthcare billing companies cannot provide you with satisfactory medical billing services. But Vo Healthcare definitely can! Our modern approach and professional work will ensure that you won’t have any issues with your physician billing handling. We can offer tailor-made solutions to handle a particular component or the whole billing on your behalf. We provide the most affordable billing solutions with maximum features. So give your RCM the edge you need while maintaining the highest standards with Vo Healthcare.  We are one of the most dedicated and professional physician Billing Services in India. Request a consultation today!