DME/HME Billing Service

DME / HME  billing services can play an effective role in bringing continuous revenue for health care service providers. But the billing process is different from medical billing in many terms. DME stands for ‘Durable Medical Equipment’  & HME stands for ‘Home Medical Equipment.’ DME/ HME equipment have been seeing increased demand in recent years. Although DME/HME equipment can generate revenue, the complex processes tied to submitting claims have made it challenging to generate a consistent income.

The whole process involves various steps. One needs expertise right from the step of prescribing HME to the patient till filing the claim with the Insurance payer. HCPCS (Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System) is the standard coding system that helps code all  DME/ HME equipment in the USA.

Patients may use DME/HME equipment by purchasing or renting. It means the correct allocation of code is an important necessity that can differentiate between rented and purchased items. Furthermore,  correct documentation and calculations are other important requirements. 

Process Of DME/HME Billing

DME/HME billing and coding is a different form of medical billing. Have a  look at the steps involved in the  whole process:

    When a doctor deems DME/HME equipment necessary for the treatment, he/she prescribes it. It is necessary to submit documentation during a claim submission explaining the need to billed equipment as a Rental or Purchase.

    After getting the prescription, the patient can visit a DME supplier or retailer to get the equipment on rent or via purchase. In the meanwhile, the insurance company verifies the billing requirements and medical records to approve the prescribed equipment. The respective supplier shall issue the prescribed equipment after completing the needed documentation.

    The HCPCS coding professionals must have the prescription and medical insurance details with them. The provider may require authorization approval from Insurance to carry out the claim process.

    The final step is to submit the claim with proper paperwork and HCPCS Level II coding. You may need to attach an authorization number and must carefully code every single piece of equipment with the correct details.

    Following up on the DME/ HME claim is similar to following up on any other medical claim.

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