Revenue Cycle Management Services in India

We at Virtual Oplossing Healthcare enhance your revenues for medical billing cycles and clinical productivity. Our aim is always to improve your revenue cycle with our industry skills & advanced abilities. VO Healthcare is a complete one-stop answer for finding the perfect solution related to the complex income cycle of healthcare practices and doctors. Our services ride on cutting-edge innovation, systematic frameworks, and deep analytical based business insight. We provide Revenue Cycle Management Services to improve cash flow, give patients sustainable services, and make the organization more profitable. We strive to increase your income by utilizing modern technologies and quickly adapting to changes appearing in the US healthcare sector. If you are thinking over outsourcing your RCM, we would like to inform you that we are one of the top rcm companies in India.

As a medical care provider, your practice needs to keep the harmony between giving treatment to patients, recording cases accurately, filing them, and getting paid. This process is the unification of medical care, business thought processes and managerial techniques while working with insurance agencies and patients. There are several steps that make up this process named- coding, claims preparation, charge entry, payment posting settlements, and subsequent reviews. The whole process is very complex & needs lots of attention.  Moreover, it is not difficult to get distracted by monotonous and tiring tasks that prevent you from focusing on your core competencies of giving care.

Why Outsourcing RCM Is a Good Idea

 Medical facilities frequently put more focus and time into accomplishing their objectives related to giving care. Whereas, in revenue cycle management, the focus remains on generating consistent income, reducing errors and overhauling the overall revenue management. Increasingly organizations are turning to Revenue Cycle Management outsourcing to safeguard their revenue from inconsistencies and errors. If you are a doctor or a healthcare practice experiencing the same problems, it is always a good idea to outsource the task of RCM to a trained and experienced RCM company. RCM companies in India provide quality services and Virtual Healthcare is one of the top options among them.

Why choose us?

At Virtual Oplossing Healthcare, we believe that providing healthcare to patients gives birth to the revenue stream.  Hospitals lose focus from their main task of providing quality care when they invest more resources in recovering revenue. Hiring us will always benefit you as we have developed an RCM system that is strong and can help you thrive in the competitive market arena. We employ cutting-edge technology for all parts of the process, from start to finish. Our software and reporting tools enable us to resolve the majority of claims within 90 days.

How do we help?

You can completely rely on our expertise in RCM services and focus your resources on your core task of providing care without any distraction. The factors that we consider for an effective and proficient RCM system are:


  • Enhanced financial and cash flow system
  • Upgraded processes and procedures to suit business needs
  • Effective clinical, administrative, and revenue generation functions
  • Staying up to date with healthcare sector guidelines

We at Virtual Oplossing Healthcare allow your staff to handle administrative tasks efficiently and accurately. Being among the top rcm companies in India, we can improve financial performance on a real-time basis with total transparency in the process. We can improve financial performance on a real-time basis with total transparency in the process. We make it easier for you to filter claims efficiently and improve the visibility of data.

The VO team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Ranked as one of the Top Medical Billing Service Companies in USA, We make sure to provide the best and most effective RCM services for your growth.Give us a chance to serve you.