Charge Entry

Have you ever heard about it before? No worries.  Being charge entry specialist here is a complete guide for you. Charge entry basically refers to the process of assigning an approximate $ value to the patient’s account as per the chosen medical codes and corresponding fee schedule. The repayments for the medical care supplier’s administrations are reliant upon the charges entered for the clinical benefits performed. Charge Entry should be finished with no blunders, as it might build guarantee refusals. Decrease income spillage through a sufficient audit of clinical benefits gave and save a large number of lost income. We guarantee compelling coordinated effort between the coding and the charge section team to guarantee that the charges caught are exact, all methodology all charged for, and the codes credited are consistent.

Our Charge Entry Process

We follow a step-by-step procedure for charge entry. Our process includes:

      • Receipt of documents.
      • Recording the patient demographic information, date of service, billing provider, referring healthcare provider, and other relevant information.
      • Workflow automation to provide daily reporting to the customers and facilitate collaboration to ensure compliance to timely filing norms.
      • Review of reported charges to check the accuracy.
      • SQC to review the quality of the process.
      • Adherence to pre-defined provider-specific rules for different specialties and services rendered.
      • Review any pending or held documents with the client daily to reduce any backlog.
      • Performing charge audit services to identify any missed charges, instances of over-billing, and medical coding errors.

But the question arises why choose us for charge entry purposes? Here are the major benefits that our charge entry team offers to the clients:

Benefits of hiring charge entry team

      • Further, develop usefulness and precision of the passage cycle through characterized focuses for our representatives
      • Regularly our coding team perform the charge section too – relying upon the usefulness accessible in the charging programming
      • We bring ability across clinical fortes
      • Ideal documenting of cases through further developed turnaround time by using our profound worldwide conveyance model
      • Following of refusal patterns and benchmark of charge plans on a continuous premise to guarantee that there is a decrease in guarantee forswearing
      • Upgrade income and recognize missed pay through charge review

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