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Our set-up of edge arrangements is the one-stop income cycle of the executives (RCM) asset to permit you to cost-viably catch, gather, and secure your income. We support developing associations by expanding assortments, lessening the expense forgather, and scaling flawlessly as you develop. Gain effectiveness, knowledge, and noteworthy insight through innovation empowered work processes, continuous dashboards, and pragmatic examination. Our customers appreciate further developed edge which they can contribute toward their main goal.

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Capital To Care

Enhance documentation >>> Data Capturing >>> Coordinate Care >>> Elevate Care Delivery

  • Under Revenue Generation we cover Referral Management, Contracting Analysis, Underpayment Analysis, Coding Review, and Patient Access.
  • Under Revenue Capture we cover Scheduling, Eligibility, Authorization, Charge Capture, and Coding
  • Under Money Maximization, we cover Billing, Posting, Denial Management, and A/R Follow Up.

Client case Study

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