Medical Coding

It is observed that most people got confused between the concept of medical billing and coding. But medical billing and medical coding are two different concepts. Medical Coding is the extraordinary framework that has carried normalization to the medical services industry. Every methodology, finding, and administration has a code appointed to it, which are then being utilized for recording cases to Insurance organizations. In case not being charged with consistent driven interaction and any mistakes might influence the RCM Workflow.  


Medical Coding has brought standardization to the healthcare industry. Therefore it requires regular enrichment of changing guidelines. We have professionals certified by AAPC and offer medical coding services across all specialties. Our process is designed to suit the needs of healthcare units and practices. Our Medical Coding experts cover all major medical specialties with complete RCM solutions. So of the major ones are Radiology, Cardiology, Pathology, Pain Management, and a lot more.

Why choose us?

We at VO Healthcare ensure to provide a wide range of medical coding services. We have a structured approach and are well versed with ICD 10, CPT 4, and HCPCS coding resources.

      • We have a stringent quality system to comply with HIPAA regulations
      • Trained staff complying with AHIMA rules
      • Extensively trained coding staff for managing varied specialties.
      • Our certified coder’s team delivers accurate procedures with high precision.


The types of medical coding that we provide to our clients are:


      • CPT and HCPCS coding- Our experts carry forward these codings as per AMA and CMS guidelines for any tests or surgeries.
      • ICD coding- We can perform the ICD coding as per CPT & HCPCS. This is also based on AMA and CMS guidelines.


The professionals at VO Healthcare are available 24/7 to serve you. We are here to provide the best possible medical billing services as per your needs. Feel free to contact us anytime to avail our services.